Can★Do – Extendable Freezer Stands

Can★Do – Extendable Freezer Stands

The Extendable Freezer Stands from the 100 yen shop Can★Do, is like a set of bookends for the freezer compartment. Stacking frozen foods one on top of the other makes it hard to access items stacked at the bottom (which tends to be also forgotten). The freezer stand allows you to store and organize the frozen foods in an upright position, making all the items within view and easy to access.
The freezer stand measures 16.5cm in depth, and can be extended to 26cm to accommodate different foods and freezer compartment sizes.

– If the freezer stand is in a frozen state (used in a freezer), moving or sliding the stand by force may damage the product.
– Remove the frost and let the ice melt before moving or sliding the stand.

Product details

Product name: 冷凍庫用 フリーザースタンド (reizouko you furi-za- sutando – Freezer stand for the freezer)
Sold in 100 yen shop Can★Do
Produced by Inomata Kagaku Co. (Japan)
Product code: 4905596036302
Size: 16.5 (W) x 13.4 (D) x 11.2 (H) cm, extendable to 26 cm (W)
Materials: Polypropylene
Made in Japan
Price: 100 yen + tax

Derek’s review

My wife bought 2 sets of the freezer stands recently as she tends to forget what is stored at the bottom of the freezer compartment. She saw on TV that some people used plastic book stands for organizing the frozen foods, but she found the freezer stands from Can★Do, which does exactly what she wants.
In Japan, frozen foods play a big role in the food culture as they are usually used for making bentos (lunch boxes) in the morning.
Seeing that my wife is happy with the stands, makes me happy too. Being able to see and find what she wants from the freezer also helps reduce waste of expired items that linger in the bottom of the freezer.

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