Tenugui – Japanese hand towel – Sushi

Tenugui – Japanese hand towel – Sushi

A Tenugui is a Japanese woven hand towel, often dyed and printed with patterns. This Tenugui from Can★Do is a 90 cm x 33 cm size cotton cloth printed with different types of sushi on a light blue background!

Uses for a Tenugui

– Used as a hand towel or handkerchief for wiping your face.
– To wrap gifts such as bottles of wine, sake in.
– Use as a headband.
– Wear like a scarf or bandanna.
– Use as a placemat.
– Frame it for display.
– Pillow cover.

– Wash separately. Dyes from the tenugui may bleed onto other items.
– Wash with water.
– Do not use chlorine-based detergents or bleach on the tenugui. Use ‘neutral’ detergents to wash the tenugui.
– The cotton tenugui may shrink slightly after washing.
– If the tenugui is left wet, the dye may bleed onto other items. Dry as soon as possible.
– Do not use if your skin reacts badly to the tenugui.

Product details

Product name: てぬぐい 寿司(tenugui sushi)
Sold in 100 yen shop Can★Do
Manufacturing Company: Fujisaki Co.,Ltd
Product code: 4936181517425
Material: 100% cotton
Made in China
Price: 100 yen + tax

Derek’s review

We have tenugui’s around the house, but I usually use it to cover my electronics from dust. In Tokyo, it’s amazing how quickly dust builds up.
The design is very nice, featuring most of the common types of sushi. Tenuguis are usually about 90 cm x 35 cm, so this is a wee bit narrower than usual. I did find a small hole in the cloth, which isn’t a big issue as it’s very small, but I would have preferred one without a hole. And the ends are unevenly cut, sort of slanted.
I like the design a lot, and the sushi design makes it a nice souvenir item. It’s a shame that the finish isn’t all that great.

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