Daiso Japan – Portable Compression Bag

Daiso Japan – Portable Compression Bag

Organize and pack more in less space with the Hand Roll Portable compression bag from Daiso. Travel items can be sealed in the compression bag with the double plastic zip fastener. Air is pushed out through a one-way valve system at the rear of the bag by rolling the bag. Now you can save space and pack more!
This is a must-have item, very handy for traveling.
The portable compression bag is 25 x 23 cm, and fits 2-3 pieces of underwear, or 1-2 face towels (the number may vary depending on the thickness and size of the item).
Daiso also sells the compression bags in different sizes (from small portable bags like the one reviewed, up to ones to fit jackets or bed covers!) and colors, making it easy to organize different items based on the color or size.

How to use

Portable Compression Bag - How To Use

1. Open the plastic zip fastener. Fold the clothing neatly and insert it in the bag leaving, leaving some space in the bag.
2. Wipe the zip fastener with a damp cloth to remove dirt.
3. Gently hold the slider with your fingers and slide from one end to the other to close the zip fastener.
4. Starting from the zip fastener end, roll up and compress the bag by pushing out the air from the bottom of the bag. After all the air has been pushed out, spread the bag out flat for storage.

A vacuum cleaner may be used to suck the air out of the bag.
To use a vacuum cleaner, place the nozzle close to the clothing in the bag to smoothly suck the air out. When all the air is drawn out, with the vacuum cleaner still switched on, remove the nozzle and close the zip fastener immediately.

– Using higher than normal suction power may cause damage to the vacuum cleaner.
– The portable compression bag removes air by hand rolling the bag. Using a vacuum cleaner is a supplementary method to removing the air from the bag.

– Do not put chemicals such as pesticides, anti-mold agents inside the bag.
– If air enters and inflates the bag, roll the bag to compress again.
– Do not store products containing down or feathers as they may damage the bag.
– Do not use for materials that can easily wrinkle, as wrinkles may be left on clothing stored in the compression bag.
– For items of clothing that have fasteners, buttons or hooks, please fold so that the fasteners,buttons or hooks are inside the clothing and not in contact with the bag.
– Do not put near heat or flames.
– Recommended storage period is 6 months. For longer periods of storage, compress again to remove air that may have entered the bag.
– Do not use for food items or for animals.
– The compression bag may cause suffocation. Please store out of the reach of children.
– Do not use the product for any purpose other than as originally intended.
– Follow local disposal guidelines for disposal.

Product details

Product name: Portable Compressing bag (携帯用圧縮袋 – keitai you asshuku buruko)
Sold in 100 yen shop Daiso Japan
Product code: 4984343141414
Material: Polyethylene
Temperature resistance: to -40℃ (-40℉)
Size: 25 x 23 cm
Thickness: 0.045mm
Number of bags: 1
Made in Japan
Price: 100 yen + tax

Derek’s review

These compression bags are like zip lock bags but with a one-way valve at the end to let you push out the air. Pretty cool item, and I never travel without them. I usually keep a few to organize and compress the air when I travel out, and when I return, I use one of the bags for clothes that need to be washed (the bags also keep the smell in).
I love the one-way valve. I have used travel compression bags that don’t have the valves and it’s a pain to get the air out and then seal it.
We use the massive ones for our futons when we store them over the summer, and they really save us space on storage. There are also ones to compress jackets, perfect for storing the winter down jackets.
For value, I would say it’s not a bad price for 1 bag, as I have seen amazon selling 10 bags of various sizes for just about 1200 yen.
If you’re a visiting Japan, pick up a few of these bags to make space for more souvenirs!

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