Daiso Japan – Multi-Purpose Ballpoint Pen

Daiso Japan – Multi-Purpose Ballpoint Pen

How many pens do you need to carry? If you have this Multi-Purpose Ballpoint Pen from Daiso, you would just need to carry one. This is a multifunction 5-in-1 pen which contains 4 x 0.7 mm ballpoint pens in black, red, blue and green ink, and 1 x 0.5 mm mechanical pencil. The pen top removes to reveal a small eraser.
To select a color, press down on the white color selector till it clicks in place. To select the pencil, slide the silver clip down. To retract the pen tip, just press down slightly (not clicking into position) on a different color.

The colored pen ink are oil-based ink.

How to refill the pencil lead

Multi-purpose Ballpoint Pen - How to refill pencil lead

1. Select the pencil by sliding the silver pen clip down.
2. Press and hold down the silver clip, and then insert a new piece of 0.5 mm lead into the pencil tip (the end where the lead usually comes out).
3. Release the silver clip when the lead is completely in.

– Do not write with the pen facing upwards.
– Retract the pen tip when not in use.
– Ink stains on clothing may not wash off.
– Keep out of reach of infants.
– Do not keep pen near fire or heated places.
– Do not drop or hit pen against other objects.
– Do not use if there are any damage or deformation to the pen.
– Do not use the product for any purpose other than as originally intended.

Product details

Product name: MULTI-PURPOSE BALLPOINT PEN(多機能ボールペン [4色ボールペン+シャーペン] – takinou bo-rupen [yon shoku bo-rupen + sha-pen])
Sold in 100 yen shop Daiso Japan
Product code: 4549131309669
Materials: Shaft – ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene); Grip – TPR (Thermoplastic Rubber)
Pen shaft color: Blue or Black
Pen ink cartridge length: 94mm (from tip)
Size: Length 145 mm, diameter 9 mm
Weight: 39g
Made in China
Price: 100 yen + tax

Packaging details

Simple instructions printed in both Japanese and English.

Derek’s review

You get 4 pens and a pencil for 100 yen! what a bargain.
The Multi-Purpose Ballpoint pen writes well, which is very acceptable considering the price. I do like the thick body shaft and the rubber grip, it’s very nice to hold and write with.
The instructions state the way to refill pencil lead is to add it from the pencil tip, which is a pain. Another way is to unscrew the front of the pen, pull out the metal pencil tip, and add leads there.
A word of warning though, opening up the pen to try to refill pencil leads or maybe changing out the pen ink cartridge may cause a mess with the pen parts and springs flying all over the place. This pen is certainly not designed to have the ink replaced easily.
After using the pen for a while, I found it very annoying that the pen gets retracted almost every time I place the pen on the desk. I have to place the pen gently on desk or else the color selector gets pressed down.
Another annoying thing is the green, blue and black color on the color selector. From a distance, they are so dark that they are almost the same.
I usually carry a multifunction pen in my bag, one that is more expensive than this pen from Daiso. Having an easy to refill the ink and pencil is worth paying extra for.

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