Can★Do – Lightning Cable Protector

Can★Do – Lightning Cable Protector

Prevent frayed, damage to expensive Apple Lightning Cables with the lightning cable protector from Can★Do. Hands up if you have experienced a worn lightning cable at the base of the connector. Don’t be shy, I know you have. It sucks. You use a new cable for a couple of months and the base of the connector tears open exposing the wires. Frayed cables are a big safety hazard.
You can replace the cable again, which is expensive (unless you are using the charging only lightning cables from Can★Do or Daiso), or you can wrap the frayed part of the cable with electrical tape, which works, but may look ugly. A better option is to use one of these cool lightning cable protectors.
The set of 2 protectors can help protect the cable from the twists and turns at the weak spot at the base of the connector. One can be used at the lightning cable end, the other at the USB port.
Each protector cover set comes in 4 parts. 2x white rubber inner parts to protect the cable from the twists and bends, and 2x colored hard outer parts that keep the protector cover in position and withstanding damage to the protector.

The lightning cable protector is suitable for the cables included with the iPhone 5/5s/6/6s/6 Plus/6S Plus.
(Third party lightning cables have not been tested).

How to use

Lightning Cable Protector - How To Use

– Attach 2 of the white inner rubber parts to the cable. Ensure the flat end of the inner rubber part is closest to the connector.
– Attach 2 of the color outer parts, rotated 90 degrees over the inner rubber parts.

– The lightning cable protector can absorb the pressure from the twisting and turning of the cable, and protect damage to the wiring. However, the protector cannot completely prevent damages to the cable.

Product details

Product name: iPhone用 Lightningケーブル 保護カバー (iPhone you Lightning ke-buru hogo kaba- – iPhone Lightning Cable protective cover)
Sold in 100 yen shop Can★Do
Manufacturer: Yamada Kagaku Co., Ltd
Product code: 4965534670005
Colors available: Red, Blue, Yellow
Size: 21 x 11 mm
Materials: Inner part – TPR (Thermo Plastic Rubber); Outer part – ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene)
Made in China
Price: 100 yen + tax

Derek’s review

Yes, I am one of those who have experienced the torn frayed cables and would love to not need to replace them every couple of months (maybe I have to change the way to store the cables…).
The Lightning cable protectors are a great idea, they are painless to install, and you get 2 protectors for 100 yen. In fact, the protectors are so popular, most Can★Do 100 yen shops are out of stock of them.
The protectors fit on well to the official Apple cables and do not slide off the connector area. The outer part of the protector is also very sturdy and does not come off easily. I tested on a third party cable, and it does slide off after a few twists (thus the note about not tested on third party cables).
I would really like to use these on earphone jacks if they fit, especially earphones that I bring on flights (I don’t like the audio quality of the earphones that they hand out on flights). I broke 2 nice earphones from the earphone jack on a flight as I kept twisting and bending the cable from the earphone jack when I left the seat to visit the toilet or go for a stroll, and then return to sit down.
While doing some searches online, I found that the Lightning cable protectors are very similar, if not the same as the Lightning Saver that was on Indiegogo or the Lighting Cable protection (set of 2) from Phifo Creative.
I don’t who owns the designs, but compared to alternatives, the Can★Do protectors are a great deal. A huge thumbs up.

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