Daiso Japan – Japanese history karuta game

Daiso Japan – Japanese history karuta game

How better to learn Japanese history than with this wonderful set of Japanese history karuta game. Just like the AIUEO karuta game from a previous post, the Japanese history karuta game is based on the Japanese Karutatori game, which uses two decks of cards. One deck of 50 yomifuda (読み札) “reading cards” with written text (in Japanese) for reading out and another deck of 50 torifuda (取り札)”grabbing cards” or “picture cards” with illustrations. Each “reading card” has a corresponding “grabbing card”.

Japanese History Karuta Game - Card Details

The “picture cards” have 3 sections.

  • Top: Year in AD
  • Middle: Image
  • Bottom: Keyword or name

The “reading cards” have 3 levels of clues.

  • Level 1: A phrase including a mnemonic to remember the year.
  • Level 2: Learn the year and the event.
  • Level 3: Deepening your understanding with a quiz. The answer is written on the “reading card”.

Recommended for 6 years and older.
Choking Hazard – Small parts. Not for children under 3 yrs.

How to play

Japanese History Karuta Game - How To Play

1. Karuta requires a “reader” and two or more players.
2. Spread all 50 “picture cards” face up on a flat surface between the players.
3. The “reader” randomly draws a “reading card” from the deck and reads it aloud. The players race each other to touch the correct “picture card” corresponding to the “reading card” being read out.
4. Repeat the reading until all no “picture cards” remain. The player with the most “picture cards” is the winner!

– The year, pronunciation, people, location, systems, events etc. on the cards are based on general historical material, which may differ slightly from historical literature.
– The image is for illustrative purposes only.
– Keep out of reach of infants.
– Be careful not to cut your fingers when handling the edges of the cards.
– Do not throw the cards, push each other or use force when playing.
– Contact to eyes or body may result in injury.
– Keep the Karuta cards away from open flames.
– Avoid getting the cards wet.

Product details

Product name: Japanese history karuta game (日本史かるた – nihonshi karuta)
Sold in 100 yen shop Daiso Japan
Product code: 4526324059440
Material: Paper
Size: 75 x 50 mm for each Karuta card
Made in Japan.
Price: 100 yen + tax

Derek’s review

The set of Karuta cards seem to be a good way to learn about Japanese, ONLY if you can read Japanese, especially kanji well. Since this is a game recommended to kids, I would have thought the “reading cards” would include furigana transcription for the kanji characters, especially for the names which are not easy to read, but they don’t.
The illustrations to me appear dull, not like the colorful and cute illustrations on the AIUEO karuta game cards.
Maybe this could be a game I would play or learn when I am bored, really really bored, on a very rainy day… well, maybe not.
This may make a good souvenir for someone learning Japanese, or for kids learning about Japanese history, however, I am not too excited about it.

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