Is it “hyaku en shoppu”? or is it “hyakkin”?

Is it “hyaku en shoppu”? or is it “hyakkin”?

These are 2 terms you will hear from Japanese people talking about 100 yen shops.
So what is the difference?
Actually, both terms are the same thing, they refer to a shop or shops that sells items for 100 yen.

100円ショップ (ひゃくえんショップ – hyaku en shoppu) means “100 yen shop” (Yen is pronounced “en” in Japanese).
100均 (ひゃっきん – hyakkin), which is short for 100円均一(ひゃくえんきんいつ – hyaku en kin itsu) means “100 yen for each item”.

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If you read Japanese, this site shows the 100 yen shop searchable by prefecture. Not all prefectures are covered though.
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