Daiso Japan – Egg Hole Puncher

Daiso Japan – Egg Hole Puncher

This small device from Daiso is an Egg Hole Puncher. What on earth is an Egg Hole Puncher and why would I need one?
From the back packaging:
“This item creates a small hole that makes it simple to peel eggs. Comes with magnet that helps keep a neat and clean kitchen.”
Punching a small hole on the large end of the egg may also help prevent the egg shell from cracking.
The Egg Hole Puncher has a magnet on the back that allows you to stick it on metal surfaces like the side of a fridge.

The Egg Hole Puncher has a safety lock feature that prevents the pin from being exposed when the dial is set to the ‘OFF’ position.

How to use

Egg Hole Puncher - How To Use

1. Turn the dial on the safety lock to the ‘ON’ position.
2. Push the large end of the egg into the hole puncher.
3. Turn the dial on the safety lock back to the ‘OFF’ position.

– Do not use the product for any purpose other than as originally intended.
– To prevent deformation of product or fires, do not use or store near fire or heated places.
– The product contains a pin and may cause injuries if handled incorrectly.
– To clean, wipe the product before and after use. Product may rust if soaked in water or kept in damp places.
– Dropping or hitting product against other objects may cause injuries, and damage or deformation to the product.
– Do not use if there are any damage or deformation to the product.
– Lock safety lock to the ‘OFF’ position after use.
– Keep out of reach of children.
– Do not use in dish washers or dish dryers.
– Retain the packaging for reference.
– For disposal, follow local disposal guidelines.

Product details

Product name: Egg Hole Puncher(たまごのプッチン穴あけ器 – tamago no pucchin ana ake ki)
Sold in 100 yen shop Daiso Japan
Product code: 4549131151817
Materials: Main body and Button – ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene); Base – Polystyrene; Pin and Spring – Stainless steel; Magnet
Size: 65(W) x 44(D) x 27(H) mm
Weight: 23g
Made in China
Price: 100 yen + tax

Packaging details

Simple instructions printed in both Japanese and English.

Derek’s review

This is yet another handy item to keep on the side of the fridge or in the kitchen drawer, along with the Egg Timer. I love boiled eggs, but I also hate peeling the shell from the egg. So for a 200 yen investment, I can time my egg boiling time perfectly, I can also peel the egg shell with no fuss!
One warning though, don’t press the egg too hard onto the hole puncher or else the egg will crack. We had to practice a few times to get it right, but we managed to get easy peeling boiled eggs!

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