Daiso Japan – AIUEO karuta game

Daiso Japan – AIUEO karuta game

The AIUEO karuta game is a playing card game for adults and children learning the Japanese Hiragana characters. The AIUEO karuta game is based on the Japanese Karutatori game, which uses two decks of cards. One deck of 46 yomifuda (読み札) “reading cards” with written text for reading out and another deck of 46 torifuda (取り札)”grabbing cards” or “picture cards” with cute illustrations. Each “reading card” has a corresponding “grabbing card”. 4 spare cards are also included.

Recommended for 3 years and older.

How to play

AIUEO Karuta Game - How to play

1. Karuta requires a “reader” and two or more players.
2. Spread all 46 “picture cards” face up on a flat surface between the players.
3. The “reader” randomly draws a “reading card” from the deck and reads it aloud. The players race each other to touch the correct “picture card” corresponding to the “reading card” being read out.
4. Repeat the reading until all no “picture cards” remain. The player with the most “picture cards” is the winner!

– Keep out of reach of infants.
– Be careful not to cut your fingers when handling the edges of the cards.
– Do not throw the cards, push each other or use force when playing.
– Contact to eyes or body may result in injury.
– Keep the Karuta cards away from open flames.
– Avoid getting the cards wet.

Product details

Product name: AIUEO karuta game (あいうえおかるた – aiueo karuta-)
Sold in 100 yen shop Daiso Japan
Product code: 4526324059433
Material: Paper
Size: 75 x 50 mm for each Karuta card
Made in Japan.
Price: 100 yen + tax

Packaging details

Simple instructions printed in both Japanese and English.

Derek’s review

This will make a great family game for kids and those learning Japanese. I will certainly play this with my son when he starts learning hiragana.
The cards are printed on thick card so they won’t bend much with ‘regular’ playing. Competitive Karuta playing usually have the players swipe the cards quickly to claim possession.
The text on the “reading cards” are printed clear and illustrations on the “picture cards” are simple and cute. The AIUEO karuta game set certainly does not feel cheap. Why not buy a set to play with your kids, or even as a gift or souvenir.

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