Can★Do – Safety Belt Short

Can★Do – Safety Belt Short

Although not very apparent from the name, this product is a child safety lock for cabinets, drawers, fridges etc., anything with a door that you don’t want your kid to open or jam their little cute fingers in.
For parents, this type of product is a must-have for furniture or appliances around the house.
The Safety Belt Short comes with adhesive tapes on both ends so there is no drilling involved. One end sticks to the door or drawer, another to the side of the furniture/appliance. The detachable ends of the Safety Belt is in the shaped of a cute cat. Pressing and releasing from other Cat end will unlock the safety belt.

How to attach the Safety Belt

1. Clean and dry the surfaces to remove surface dirt, moisture or oils.
2. Remove the tape backing from the adhesive on both sides. Avoid touching the sticky tape.
3. Attach the belt to the desired surface, one end at a time.

– When attaching, ensure the belt is tight against the surface and closed door/drawer.
– Please allow 24 hours to allow the adhesive tape to dry.

How to use

To unlock: Press the area under the Cat’s mouth, and slide out.
To lock: Press the belt end into the Cat end until a click sound is heard.

How to remove

1. Using a knife to cut the tape from behind the lock. Be very careful!
2. To remove the tape residue, use soapy water with a cloth.

– Residue marks may be left after removal.


– The Safety Belt may not be suitable on waxed or coated surfaces.
– The Safety Belt cannot be used on hinged doors.
– Rough or uneven surfaces may weaken the adhesion of the tape.
– Do not use excess force to open drawer/door while Safety Belt is locked.
– Do not use in fragile furniture/appliance if removal of the Safety Belt could cause damage to the furniture/appliance.
– Use in locations that is easy to see.
– Do not use the product for any purpose other than as originally intended.
– Do not use near fire, heated or humid places.

Product details

Product name: Safety Belt Short (いたずら防止ストッパー itazura boushi sutoppa-)
Sold in 100 yen shop Can★Do
Product code: 4580297231166
Material: Main body – Polystyrene, Belt – Polyethylene
Size: Fully attached – 154(W) x 35(H)mm, thickness 10mm.
Made in China
Price: 100 yen + tax

Packaging details

Simple instructions printed in both Japanese and English, though English translation is not always clear.

Derek’s review

I bought the Safety Belt to see if the 100 yen product will keep our drawers safe from the fingers of my crawling son. He loves opening and closing the drawers. The belt appears sturdy enough, but I do have concerns about the adhesive tape leaving tape residue or leaving marks on the cabinet. I have seen ones in Amazon that claims to leave no marks when removed.
The back of the packaging mentions using a knife to remove the tape, which needs to be done with care. An alternative is to use dental floss to cut the tape behind the Cat ends, by sliding the floss sideways.
I’m actually tempted to remove the default adhesive tape, and replace them with the damage-free removable tape, the ones that you pull down on the tab to remove cleanly. With the cost of the removable tape, it might just be cheaper to buy the Safety locks that is cleaner to remove.

I did replace the adhesive tape and this is a picture of the Safety Belt attached to one of our drawers.
Safety Belt Short - Attached

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