Can★Do – Cute Bookmark Clips

Can★Do – Cute Bookmark Clips

This is a set of 10 cute and colourful animal bookmark clips from Can★Do.
The colourful animals are a red pig, yellow hippo, green elephant, blue bear and pink penguin. The clips can be removed by twisting each clip from the frame. The set also includes 20 blank stickers/seals that stick to the back of the clips and used as labels.

Keep away from fire, heat or areas with high humidity.

Product details

Product name: 10 Piece!! bukkuma-kun(10 Piece!! ぶっくマークン – 10 Piece!! bookmarks)
Sold in 100 yen shop Can★Do
Manufacturer: Yamada Kagaku Co., Ltd
Product code: 4965534759007
Size: 140(W) x 114(D) x 3(H)mm; each clip is approximately 42(W) x 16(D) x 3(H)mm
Materials: Polystyrene
Made in Japan
Price: 100 yen + tax

Packaging details

Text on the packaging is in Japanese.

Derek’s review

I like the design and the colors of the clips. The heads of the clips are designed so that they peek out of the pages, similar to the Cat Sticky Memos. However the clips don’t stay on well to single pages, and tends to swivel about (clipping about 4 pages seemed to work well). Somehow I don’t think the bookmark clips will stay clipped on books or notepads that are kept in a bag. I think I will stick with a piece of paper as a bookmark.

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