Can★Do – Cord Clips

Can★Do – Cord Clips

This is a set of 4 multipurpose cord clips from Can★Do.
The set contains 2x Black and 2x White rubber cord clips that will keep your cables neat and organized. Maybe use them for power cords, USB cables, mobile chargers, headphones etc., the application is endless!
The adhesive tape on the back of the cord clip allows you to stick on any flat surface.

How to use

1. Peel the self adhesive tape on the back of the cord clip.
2. Stick the cord clip to the surface.

– Clean the surface before sticking the cord clip.
– When removing the cord clip from the surface, use commercially available tape and label remover.
– Avoid sticking the cord clip on hot surfaces

Product details

Product name: Cord Clip (コードクリップ)
Sold in 100 yen shop Can★Do
Produced by Makoto Ltd
Product code: 4968988090610
Material: TPR (Thermo Plastic Rubber)
Size: Diameter – 28mm, Height – 15mm
Max Cord Diameter: 8mm
Made in China
Price: 100 yen + tax

Packaging details

Text is all in Japanese. Design and how to use instructions are very simple, though bland.

Derek’s review

In a day and age where almost everything is WiFi or Bluetooth, I still seem to have lots of cables dangling everywhere. These cord clips seem to be handy, and they would look nice on the desk. But somehow I am not sold. Firstly because I don’t like sticking adhesive on surfaces as I know how hard they are to remove. I have spent many hours in the past removing double-sided tape from furniture, it isn’t fun. Secondly, for my desk, I prefer to bundle cables together, so velcro is always my preference. So maybe if I had a piece of furniture that I wasn’t attached to, and only need to organize one or two cables, these cord clips may look nice. Though I would prefer if there were more colors to choose from, as the ones from CAN DO are Black and White only, pretty boring. But 4 for 100 yen, that is one for 25 yen, a great deal I will have to say.

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