Daiso Japan – Aluminium Triangular Scale

Daiso Japan – Aluminium Triangular Scale

This sleek metallic red aluminium triangular scale is for you architects out there. Length is 15cm with 6 scales 1/100, 1/200, 1/300, 1/400, 1/500 and 1/600, 2 scales printed in white on each side, and the corners at the ends are slightly tapered.
The triangular scale comes with a protective soft plastic case for storage. The slim size (9mm) makes it easy to carry around taking up very little space.

– Do not throw, hit or thrust the triangular scale at people or objects.
– Do not wipe with solvents such as paint thinner.
– The pointed corners may cause injuries.
– Do not put in mouth.
– Keep away from children.

Product details

Product name: Aluminum Triangular Scale (アルミ三角スケール – arumi sankaku suke-ru)
Sold in 100 yen shop Daiso Japan
Product code: 4947678027501
Size: Length – 15cm; width – 0.9cm
Weight: 9.5g
Materials: Body – Aluminium; Case – PVC
Colours available: red, black
Made in China.
Price: 100 yen + tax

Derek’s review

Yes, I spell the chemical element ‘Al’ as Aluminium and not Aluminum as that was what I was taught at School and University back home in Scotland.
The triangular scale looks really sleek and stylish in metallic red. The scales are easy to read, and the numbers are printed nice and clear, however, the finish at the ends is a bit rough
I don’t usually use triangular scales so I don’t know how it compares to other products, but price wise it is several times cheaper.
Will I use it? I don’t know, but I do like metallic red, it adds some style to my boring desk.

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